Diving in Cyprus

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Based in Protaras, Cyprus, Scuba Tech Diving Centre works to combine the best of both Technical Diving and Recreational Diving.

recreational diving and courses from PADI and BSAC in Cyprus

Learn to Scuba Dive with five star training from PADI or BSAC, which are both Internationally recognised Dive Agencies and offer a great foundation for Scuba Diving. These certifications will be recognised anywhere in the world.

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Scuba Tech are currently taking applications for PADI Divemaster Trainees for the Summer 2021 season. If you are interested in becoming an elite diver, helping others to discover and develop their passion for Scuba Diving, spending 8 weeks in the sun to Go Pro, see our Divemaster Internship in Cyprus information page and get in touch.

Technical diving and rebreather training courses from PADI TECREC and TDI in Cyprus

If you are already a diver but want to go a bit further, you can progress to Technical Diver Training with TDI, Closed Circuit Rebreather with the Megalodon and Pathfinder Rebreathers from ISC or even Sidemount Diving.

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MUSAN underwater museum. Diver under the sculptured tree, free moving kelp sculpture forest and a child of the forest sculture in the picture taken from above

MUSAN- Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Ayia Napa

Newly created in 2021, at a cost of €1,000,000, the municipality of Ayia Napa , along with the Department of Fisheries and all the Dive Centres are pleased to introduce the Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Ayia Napa (MUSAN).

Designed and developed by Sculptor, Jason Decaires Taylor, the new Underwater Museum consists of art works for Scuba Divers, Snorkellers and Free Divers to enjoy. For more information about MUSAN, check out our MUSAN webpage.

GUE diving courses in cyprus diving centre, scuba tech

As a GUE friendly Diving Centre, Scuba Tech also hosts GUE courses here in Cyprus, with GUE instructors.

Our last GUE Fundamentals training course was, unfortunately postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, we will look to reschedule this course with Rich Walker once normality resumes and we have a better picture of the future.

Get in touch for more information about the Fundamental of Diving and/or to book your space on this course that will improve the quality and enjoyment of your diving, irrespective of your current certification level.


To support our GUE divers, we have GUE standard equipment at the diving centre and offer free Nitrox 32 for all divers certified to use it in their diving and/or can offer training and certification in the use of Nitrox for those not yet certified.

More Information about GUE Diving and courses.

Cyprus Diving

Cyprus has a plethora of local Shore Dives available and a great many of these sites can be found in Protaras, just a stone's throw from the Dive Centre.

From easy entry/exits with gently sloping bottoms for the beginners, to more advanced cliff top jumps for the more adventurous. With Dive depths ranging from 10m to 55m+ at the deeper sites, there is something for everyone to dive and enjoy.

diving the suex scooters in cyprus black and white

SUEX Diving in Cyprus

We have SUEX XJoy DPVs here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre that allow us to broaden the number of Dive Sites that we can offer our divers. With the ability to cover more ground over the course of a dive, comes the exclusivity of certain dive sites that cannot be reached by swimming alone.

Put your finger on the Trigger and get the Adrenaline pumping with SUEX and Scuba Tech Diving Centre. Let's see those SUEX Smiles.

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Diver on Megalodon rebreather inside zenobia wreck in Cyprus

Of course, the jewel in the crown for Cyprus is the Zenobia shipwreck in Larnaca. This ferry went down in 1980 and sits in 42 metres of water at its deepest but the side of the wreck is up at 18m. With plenty to see at all depths in between, the Zenobia is an ideal training platform for all levels of diver and a wreck you cannot miss while you are here in Cyprus.

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However, the Zenobia is not the only wreck in Cyprus to dive and Scuba Tech Diving Centre also offer regular diving excursions to the wrecks of the Alexandria, the HMS Cricket, Nemesis III, Liberty, Elpida, Costandis and Lady Thetis Wrecks, which have been sunk all around the Cyprus coastline.

Dive Centre Services

Our service is tailored to meet your requirements (and those of your family/friends) on your holiday. As we deal in small groups and one to ones, we have the flexibility to adapt dive times, pick up times and dives to make diving in Cyprus as easy for you as possible.

We pick up from many locations on the East Coast including; Protaras, Agia Napa, Paralimni and Kapparis. For a supplemental fee, we can even pick up from Larnaca!

Scuba Tanks at Scuba Tech Diving Centre

In addition to our Scuba Diving, Scuba-Tech Diving Centre, is also a Scuba Servicing centre. Known island-wide for the quality of our servicing: bring us your regulators, cylinders etc and see what all the fuss is about.

We welcome Scuba Instructors from any agency, with their own groups for diving and/or Training here in Cyprus. We offer hosting to Divers and Instructors, providing classroom facilities, gas mixes (including Nitrox and Trimix) and Dive Equipment rental/retail with both diving and non-diving logistical support. Scuba Tech can provide full facilities for all diving; Recreational, Technical Diving, Rebreather Divers and we are GUE friendly.

Technical divers performing skills at 42m on the seabed next to Zenobia Shipwreck in Larnaca Cyprus

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Miflex hoses available for diving kit in protaras cyprus

Scuba Tech Diving Centre are dealers for top quality scuba diving equipment and sell products from Halcyon, OMS and BTS, Poseidon, Miflex Hoses, Shearwater Diving Products and of course, ISC Rebreather parts. For more information about the diving equipment we sell here in Protaras, have a look at our Diving Products Retail Page.

Poseidon diving equipment for sale in protaras cyprus  Halcyon Diving equipment for sale in Cyprus from Scuba tech diving centre  ISC rebreather products for megalodon rebreathers and pathfinder rebreathers  Shearwater Research Ltd

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2020 has been a crazy year by anyone's standards.

Coronavirus has caused upset around the Globe to many people, businesses and travel plans.

We hope that 2021 will bring a recovery to the dive industry and help us all get back to a level of normalcy in our daily lives.

The Scuba Tech Team survives the coronavirus. Pete and Shelley underwater on scuba

The year began with hope, as the new wreck of the aptly named Elpida Wreck was sunk in Larnaca.

This is a great new addition to the diving available here in Cyprus and already you can see a wealth of life beginning to call this wreck home.

Shot of the Elpida wreck in cyprus. Diver over the cargo hold, in the blue

2020 and the Pandemic has meant that we have missed seeing many of our regular divers. We miss you all but are happy to know that you are safe and well. We are really looking forward to seeing you back in 2021.

Scuba Tech Divers having fun on the dive boat

However, Since Cyprus has been one of the safest countries to visit this year, with the restrictions that have been in place, a number of divers that hadn't previously considered Cyprus as a diving destination have now been able to discover the wonder of this beautiful Island.

We have made many new friends (including many, many turtles that are resident in Green Bay now) and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

turtle from green bay on the seabed with blue water behind

Scuba Tech continues to be open through the winter season of 2020/21, offering scuba diving, diver training courses and of course, equipment servicing.

Come and see us if you can and for everyone out there that we know and love (and to all those we haven't met yet), Stay Safe and we will see you on the other side.

Megalodon courses for 2014 in Protaras Cyprus

For 2021 Courses on the ISC Megalodon or Pathfinder Rebreather get in touch with us at Scuba Tech Cyprus

Learn to Scuba Dive in Cyprus with five star training from our PADI & BSAC Instructors in Cyprus

TDI technica diving international courses in Cyprus

Technical Diving Courses from TDI and PADI TECREC

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