Summer 2017 is set to be the busiest Cyprus has known

Temperatures are soaring and the best place to be when the Land gets to Hot is, of course, under the sea.

get your PADI in Cyprus

Since we offer Diver Training at all levels, even if you have never tried Diving before, we can take you in.

We Dive in small groups and one to one, so you will always be in the safest possible hands.

 diving instructor with a student learning to dive in cyprus. A great diving relationship

Want to Learn Scuba Diving? Look no further. We teach at your pace with the aim of making you a confident diver with amazing diving abilities that others will Marvel at.

Neutral Buoyancy Turtle will not be looking at you like this if you train with Scuba Tech diving centre in Cyprus.

Neutral Buoyancy Turtle Disapproves of your flailing


New Season Heats Up

Summer is arriving and temperatures are going up.

SUEX scooters have arrived in Cyprus and the whole Scuba Tech Team have been having a great time out and about getting comfy with these Superfast DPVs.

Scuba Diver Diving a SUEX scooter in Protaras, Cyprus

We now offer Scooter Try Dives and even the PADI DPV Specialty Diver Course so if you fancy an experience you won't forget, book your scooter dive now.

recreational diver in GUE single tank configuration

The first GUE Fundamentals class in October with Rich Walker is now fully booked but don't worry, you can still join us for Fundies in Cyprus.

There will be another course running from the 3rd to the 7th of October 2017, so don't miss out on this one. Book your space now!

Find out more information about the GUE Fundamentals course in Cyprus.

NEW FOR 2017

Valentine's Day has been and gone for 2017 but that doesn't mean that we have to stop feeling the love.

We are definitely feeling the love for our Divers here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre with some very exciting new ventures for the New Year.

We promise to keep you posted on these ventures as they are realised and in the spirit of such, I can announce that we will have GUE's Rich Walker in Cyprus in October to run at least one GUE Fundamentals course.

GUE Fundamentals is a great workout for your buoyancy and trim, giving you the tools to succeed, not only in the class but in your future diving too. Shelley and I took this course in 2011 and have never looked back since. Find out more information about the GUE Fundamentals course in Cyprus.

With lots more in the pipeline, just keep checking back to see our news & progress.


Winter is here, although I think somebody forgot to tell whoever is in charge of the weather in Cyprus and we are still enjoying a balmy 23 degrees in the water and on land.

new Shearwater Dive computer with air integration transmitter

Shearwater have announced an upgrade to their range with the release of the Shearwater Perdix AI.

This air integrated computer can be used with a transmitter to display current tank pressure, remaining air time and can be used with 2 transmitters for Sidemount Diving.

Scuba Tech is taking orders now, so get in touch for yours

women scuba diving and technical diving in cyprus

We have had a great summer season with all the team this year and here is a big shout out to our Divemaster, Lucy who heads home this weekend. Thanks for all your hard work and we will see you in April 2017.

To everyone else, come and enjoy some sunshine in the land of eternal sun.

Happy Christmas!!!


Well, as you can probably tell from the lack of updates here in 2016, it has, so far, been a very busy season at Scuba Tech, Cyprus.

There is no rhyme or reason to it either as one day we take divers out for their very first dive and the next, we are training Technical Divers.

PADI Advanced open water; wreck and nitrox diving

Our most popular courses so far in 2016 have been PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Nitrox training and here is a big congratulations to everyone who has passed these courses with us here this year.

PADI Advanced open water; wreck and nitrox diving It has been the warmest season we have had in a few years, with temperatures in Green Bay reaching 32 degrees in the shallows. No wonder divers want the deeper certifications, it is the only way to cool down.

Instructor using the Shearwater Perdix on a scuba dive

A new shipment of Shearwater dive computers has arrived and we now are fully stocked with the Shearwater Petrel 2, the Shearwater Perdix and the protective pouches.

Instructor using the Shearwater Perdix on a scuba dive Since Shelley teaches most of our recreational courses, she has swapped out her bulkier Petrel for the Perdix and, as you can see from the picture above, she loves it.

So, if you haven't got yours yet, get in touch now so you are in plenty of time for Christmas!

The new dive cat is very comfortable in her new home

The new Scuba Cat, Freckles, is fitting in nicely here at Scuba Tech and I think she likes it here and feels comfortable around us and all our divers. What do you think?

The new dive cat is very comfortable in her new home That's all our news for now. Happy September everyone and we will hopefully, see you all soon.


It is April already and the season here in Cyprus has started with a bang. It seems that Scuba Diving is the sport to try in 2016 and we have already introduced a whole load of new divers to the wonder of the Underwater World.

try diving in cyprus 2016

In addition, we have already had lots of fun on the Zenobia wreck.

The renovated dive centre for 2016 with display cabinet and reception desk

The new shop is officially open and we have already made great use of the new classroom, teaching Open Water, Scuba Diver, Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox Dive courses.

The water is starting to heat up and, although it is still 18 degrees in deeper water, the surface has reached 21 degrees already. I think this year is going to be a scorcher!

Coming up later this month, we will have TDI Normoxic Trimix courses, more Open Water Courses and great scuba diving with the quality of service you have come to expect from us here at Scuba Tech.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


diver wears a drysuit for the winter diving in Cyprus. Goes well with the sunglasses

Winter Diving here in Cyprus is not like winter diving really. With water temperatures still at 19 degrees, it is like summer in other destinations.

In between the scuba diving fun, we have been doing a lot of work on the dive centre.

The renovated dive centre for 2016 with display cabinet and reception desk

Our new shop will be open properly in March and the building will also house the Kit Room and a brand new, dedicated classroom.

In the meantime, the old shop is now a work shop for Peter, which means he has more room for all those kit repairs and service. The back room is a dedicated tank room for filling and mixing your air, nitrox and Trimix.

So, it has been quite an exciting winter so far and we hope it continues. Please come and see us here in Cyprus and...

HAPPY 2016!!!

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