Diving Equipment in Cyprus

Poseidon scuba equipment in cyprus

POSEIDON Diving Equipment Manufacturers offering high quality Scuba Diving Equipment for all levels of Diver. From Regulators to Suits to Rebreathers, all you have to do is contact us here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre in Cyprus to purchase your Poseidon Dive Kit today

Poseidon Diving Masks

Range of poseidon diing masks available in Cyprus

From Full face masks to low volume for easy clearing, Poseidon have a range of Masks to fit any Diver's face.

The Phantom Mask has double Glass for the best possible view area, a silicone skirt that will fit most faces with a flexible neck and strap buckle for comfort

€79.00 (£56.00)

The ThreeDee Mask has low Volume, a robust frame and optical lenses

€65.00 (£46.50)

The Technica Mask is the classic design Mask from Poseidon with Ultra Low Volume and is very popular among Technical Divers and Free Divers

€100.00 (£72.00)

Poseidon Diver Fins

Poseidon Diving Fins for diving in cyprus

The Poseidon Diving Fin is a full foot fin for the travelling tropical diver who doesn't want to have a fin that takes a lot of space but still gives good force with every kick Designed to follow the One Suit Concept.

€91.00 (£65.00)

The Poseidon Trident Fin is ideal for Divers who prefer a rigid rubber fin. With stainless steel strap for easy on and off, the trident is one of the shortest fins of its kind with an edge of the side for the maneuverability. Ideal for Technical Divers.

€195.00 (£137.00)

The Poseidon Sports Fin is the new, light weight sports fin developped in collaboration with Mares. Featuring a quick release strap system, the fin is very flexible through its combination of PVC, rubber and silicone.

€218.00 (£156.00)

poseidon wetsuits for divers

Diving Wetsuits


The Poseidon Wetsuit is Poseidon's versatile, multi purpose wetsuit. The one suit is made from first grade, 5mm Neoprene with a jersey lining and a nylon outer shell for extra durability.

The suit has straight arm and leg openings for easier use with boots and gloves. Available in Men's or Women's cut in a range of sizes and colours; Blue, Grey, Red or Black.

€340.00 (£235.00)


Poseidon Diving Boots (One Shoe)

Poseidon Diving boots for diving in Cyprus

A shoe worth wearing above and below the surface. Poseidon's one shoe booty is designed to fit with the features of the One Suit. Made in Neoprene with waterproof back zipper from YKK.

Available in Black or black and white

€68.00 (£47.00)

Poseidon Flexi-Gloves

poseidon diving gloves

The new Flexi-glove from Poseidon for divers who need an easy on and off with a slim fit.

3mm neoprene

€59.00 (£42.00)

Poseidon flexi hood with bib for scuba diving

Poseidon Flexi Hood

The Poseidon Flexi-Hood boasts a semi long neck for a good match with the Poseidon Dry suits and Wetsuits.Liquid Seams make it highly durable

€80.00 (£57.00)




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