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Technical Diving in Cyprus

When we talk about Technical Diving, what exactly do we mean?

This is a question with many answers depending on who you ask. But if you are considering Technical Diver Training, it is something that you will want to know.

technical diving course Divers are deep underwater swapping stage cylinders as technical diving skill

Technical Diving is not some new kind of sport opened up to a select few Navy SEALs or James Bond type Elite. It is an extension of the diving that you have already trained for.

Tech Diving involves applying the knowledge and skills that you have previously learned in your diver training and moving beyond the limits of Recreational Scuba.

Diving Deeper for longer periods of Time

Are you ready... Take a DEEP BREATH?

TDI Technical Diving Instructor show tekkie student how to complete the tech diving skills on land before going in the water

However, it is not as simple as saying, "Let's go to 60metres, then we will be Technical Divers"

Technical Diving does require extensive Technical Training to manage the added variables.

The Equipment you will use when Tech Diving is different, the mixture of gases you can use is more complex and you are likely to be diving without direct access to the surface, either by way of wreck diving, cave diving or the virtual ceiling imposed by decompression obligations. You are trained to manage your gas in both planning the Dives and in the event of an emergency situation underwater. Redundancy and back-ups for Dive Equipment and Breathing Gas Mixes are essential.

During your Technical Diver Training in Cyprus with Scuba-Tech Diving Centre, you will learn to plan your dives accounting for:

Technical Diver student completes line drill skills on his TDI technical diving course on twinset open circuit

During all the Technical Courses on offer at Scuba Tech Diving Centre, Cyprus, the main objective is to ensure that you, as a Technical Diver, have all the tools that you need to Plan and Execute your Technical Dives, safely and effectively.

Technical Diving instructor helps rebreather student to put on the Megalodon CCR for the training course

Students on these Tech courses will learn about the use of Nitrox and Trimix and how the use of different mixes of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helium can affect your decompression obligations and depth capabilities.

Technical Divers use double tanks, called a twinset, which are manifolded together with an isolator valve.

These tanks decant together as you breathe them down but the isolator valve means that, in the event of an emergency, you can shut the valve and prevent complete gas loss. This technique is known as a Shut-Down and by using this technique and following the procedures that you learn in your technical diving courses, you will retain enough gas in your cylinder to be able to surface safely completeing all necessary safety stops.

Technical Diver on the Queen Zenobia dive boat in full technical equipment including 2 decompression cylinders

As Technical Divers, we often plan Decompression Dives, which can mean deep stops and sitting on a line at 6m for some time. However, during your Technical Diving Courses, you will learn how to conduct Accelerated Decompression by using higher percentages of Nitrox such as 50% and 80%.

Using such high percentages of Oxygen in your breathing gas helps to eliminate the nitrogen in the bloodstream faster than breathing normal recreational nitrox mixes or air. Although, since Oxygen limits depth, you can only switch to these "richer" mixes at shallower depths.

When you participate in the Technical diving courses, you will be shown how to gas switch to a higher Oxygen content mix of nitrox and, when you plan these switches with either your Dive Computer with gas switching capabilities or using the deompression computer software to produce custom made tables for your dives, you will be able to see that the use of a higher percentage nitrox mix at shallower depths will cut down the time time you have to sit on the line decompressing quite dramatically. It accelerates your decompression time!

So, as you can see, there is no voodoo attached to the Technical Diving. Its roots are still firmly planted in Recreational Diving and the theories, principles and techniques that you have previously learned are the same ones that we apply when Diving Technically, although everything from buoyancy to decompression theory becomes that little bit more important and relevant.

The best way to learn about Technical diving is to do it! At Scuba-Tech Diving Centre, we now offer people the opportunity to try Technical Diving equipment and learn a little more about it with our Discover Technical Diving Experience.

This Half day adventure gives the Diver an opportunity to try Technical diving equipment and Techniques as we go for a dive in the crystal clear waters of Green Bay, Cyprus. See how the twinset feels, learn about the use of a long hose as an alternative air source and enjoy that Techie Feeling with Scuba-Tech Diving Centre.

For more information regarding Technical Diving and Technical Diver Training in Cyprus, please follow the links below for our Technical diver training courses.

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TDI diving to teach diving to divers who want to be technical divers PADI TECREC diving courses to train technical divers megalodon rebreather training courses from TDI and ISC in Cyprus


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