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Welcome to Scuba Tech Diving Centre's Underwater Photography Gallery. You will find below, photography of Technical Divers, Recreational Divers, Dive Training here in Cyprus and the amazing Wreck of the Zenobia. Simply, choose which album you wish to view and enjoy the pictures.

scuba diving pictures of Zenobia wreck in Cyprus


Wreck Diving in Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular, as the Cyprus Tourism Organisation works in conjunction with the department of fisheries to sink wrecks around the Cyprus Coast.

If you want to dive any of these phenomenal wrecks, just get in touch to book your diving in Cyprus.

diver training pictures in cyprus


With balmy waters and excellent visibility, the mediterranean sea around Cyprus is an ideal spot for diver training. With easy walk-in shore dives for absolute beginners to the Zenobia for wreck diver and more advanced technical training.

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octopus hiding under rock for fish life in cyprus


Cyprus is not a diving destination known for its vast fishlife but the variety of species you can find here knows no bounds. From tiny nudibrancs to big groupers and schools of amberjack, take a look at what you might find.

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scuba diving in Cyprus; diver on a night dive


In this album, you will find pictures of all levels of diver enjoying their time in Cyprus.

Recreational Divers, Technical Divers and Divers with Sidemount Configuration... in Cyprus, there is something for everyone.

For Scuba Diving videos from Scuba Tech Diving Centre, please see our YouTube Channel, where you will find a mix of Diving films from all different sites around Cyprus and beyond!

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