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PADI TECREC DSAT diver training courses in cyprus

As a PADI TecRec Diving Centre, Scuba Tech is proud to offer PADI's Technical Diver Training Courses here in Cyprus.

PADI's TECREC training program.

The TEC Deep Program has, in more recent years, been broken down into 3 smaller, more manageable courses for Technical Diver Training. These smaller Tec programs are known as:

At each level of training, you will be introduced to new Diving Equipment and its use, new ways of planning dives and the Procedures appropriate to the types of Diving you do. You also have the advantage of time, to dive and gain experience at each level of Technical Diving before advancing to the next step, making you a proficient and confident Technical Scuba Diver.


DSAT Discover Tec

Female Diver at cyprus dive site trying tech diving for first time

This is an adventure program for Divers considering Technical Diving but not quite sure if it is for them. DSAT Discover Tec lets you try Technical Diving Equipment and Procedures.

Prerequisites: Min. Age 18. Open Water Diver with 10 Logged Dives

Price: €80

PADI (DSAT) Tec 40

Divers opt for TEC40 in sidemount configuration. Only available in PADI DSAT Tecrec courses

Bridging the gap between Recreational Diving and Technical Training, the Tec 40 course is the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver course and consists of the first four Dives. During this course, you will learn to use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make Decompression Dives with no more than 10 minutes of total Decompression and not deeper than 40m.

This course can be conducted with Single back mounted tank, twin back mounted cylinders or with Sidemount Configuration. You will also be using a single cylinder of Decompression Gas with up to 50% Nitrox to add conservatism to the required Decompression.

Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, with Nitrox and Deep Diver Specialties and 30 logged dives

Price: €480


PADI TEC REC Technical Diving Training. TEC-45 PADI courses in Cyprus

The TEC 45 Course begins where the TEC 40 ends, deepening your training and extending your dive experience. TEC 45 is the second subdivision of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver course. During this portion of your Technical Diving Training, you will gain the knowledge to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives without time limits, using up to 100% Oxygen for accelerated decompression.

Divers now use full Technical Diving Equipment either Back mounted twin Cylinders or in Sidemount Configuration.You will also further your understanding of the Skills needed to safely dive to a depth of 45m.

Prerequisites: TEC 40. Divers must also have 50 logged dives with at least 12 nitrox dives deeper than 18m and 6 dives (with or without nitrox) deeper than 30m

Price: €450

PADI (DSAT) Tec 50

PADI TEC REC Technical Diving Training Courses, TEC 50 in Cyprus

The TEC 50 course is the final subdivision of the full PADI TEC Deep technical training program and completes your training as an entry level tech diver taking you past the limits of recreational diving.

During this portion of the course, you will conduct decompression dives to a depth of 50m, using nitrox and/or oxygen for accelerated decompression, technical diving equipment either back mounted twinset or sidemount configuration. You will also use desk top decompression software to create your own dive tables and plan your dives, so that you can make Technical Dives independently.

Prerequisites: TEC 45. Divers must also have 100 logged dives with at least 20 nitrox dives, 25 dives deeper than 18m and 20 dives (with or without nitrox) deeper than 30m

Price: €450

Save €100 when you book more than 1 PADI TECREC course.

PADI (DSAT) Tec Deep

female diver training for tech diving with PADI TEC Deep Training Courses, TEC40, TEC45, TEC50 from PADI Technical Training

The PADI Tec Deep Course combines all 3 portions of the PADI TEC Training, as described above. The bonus of completing all 3 portions together is the same great training for a great price.

Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Rescue Diver, with Nitrox and Deep Diver Specialties. Divers must also have 100 logged dives with at least 15 nitrox dives, 20 dives deeper than 18m and 15 dives (with or without nitrox) deeper than 30m


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