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There has never been a better time to learn Scuba Diving or to expand your Diving skills and here in Cyprus, we offer a year round facility for training and diving whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced diver wanting to advance or just enjoy the Cyprus Dive Sites.

scuba divers prepare for dive training in Cyprus on Zenobia wreck

When you take a Diver Training Course with Scuba Tech Diving Centre, there will never be more than 4 students per instructor and more often than not, your training will be one to one.

We ensure you quality and consistency in your diver training with the full attention of a highly qualified Instructor. Scuba Tech staff and Scuba Instructors share a wealth of knowledge and experience, which means you get the most up-to-date information.

Recreational Diver Training

Our Recreational Diver Training Programs are for beginners and Scuba Divers diving with single tanks to a maximum depth of 40m with air or Nitrox.

Recreational Sidemount Programs are also available for divers prefering to dive with this configuration.

Scuba Tech Diving Centre offers recreational diver training from dive Agencies: PADI or BSAC. Both agencies offer internationally recognised qualifications, opening up the whole world to you for Scuba Diving

Technical Diver Courses

Scuba Tech Diving Centre's Technical Dive Courses will train you to use specialised Diving equipment so you can dive deeper than the 40m recreational limit.

Depending on which avenue you wish to take, you could use Sidemount or backmounted cylinders, Breathe gas mixes using Helium for less narcosis and greater ease of breathing or go bubble free with a Closed Circuit Rebreather.

We operate on a bespoke leve, so we can run courses when you want to train. There are no fixed dates. Flexibility is the key to being able to learn to dive safely and with the most enjoyment. If you want to discuss dates for Scuba DIving courses, simply get in touch

Miflex hoses available for diving kit in protaras cyprus

Scuba Tech Diving Centre are dealers for top quality scuba diving equipment and sell products from Halcyon and BTS, Miflex Hoses, Shearwater Diving Products and of course, ISC Rebreather parts. For more information about the diving equipment we sell here in Protaras, have a look at our Diving Products Retail Page.

Poseidon diving equipment for sale in protaras cyprus  Halcyon Diving equipment for sale in Cyprus from Scuba tech diving centre  ISC rebreather products for megalodon rebreathers and pathfinder rebreathers  Shearwater Research Ltd

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Megalodon courses for 2014 in Protaras Cyprus

For 2021 Courses on the ISC Megalodon or the Pathfinder CCR get in touch with us at Scuba Tech Cyprus

PADI diving courses in Cyprus

Learn to Scuba Dive with Trained PADI & BSAC Instructors in Cyprus

TDI technica diving international courses in Cyprus

Technical Diving Courses from TDI and PADI TECREC

Scuba Tech Diving Centres blending panel in Protaras, cyprus

Scuba Tech Diving Centre conduct full risk assessments of all Diving activities, Dive Sites, and Boats.

We operate a "Best Practice" Policy for all health and safety procedures.

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