Diving in Cyprus

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Cyprus offers year-round diving with balmy sea temperatures, great visibility and a variety of dive sites including shore and boat diving.

Shore Diving

The most popular local Dive Site in Protaras/Agia Napa is Green Bay, as it is suitable for all levels of Scuba Diver from absolute beginner. Equally, Technical Divers will find this an ideal site for sheltered water conditions for skills and drills.

Cape Greko offers more options for deeper Dive Sites with depths down to 40 metres +. Most popular among these are Cylcops and the Chapel or, for something a little different, try the underwater tunnels at the Tunnels and Caves Dive Site.

More Information about Local Dive Sites

Boat Diving

Scuba Tech Diving Centre offer regular excursions for diving from boats in Cyprus

Locally in Protaras, we have 2 wrecks sitting within 30m depth, which have been sunk by the CTO. These wrecks are the Liberty and the Nemesis III wrecks and are perfect for training and easy bimbles underwater.

Both wrecks are located within a marine protected area, which forbids fishing within the confines af the buoyed off area. The purpose is to promote fish lifein these areas and allow the fish life room to grow and breed.

Alongside the wrecks, you can find the Golden Coast Reef System, which comprises a number of "structures" put in place to provide shelter for the fishlife and space for other aquatic species to grow. Simply follow the ropes between structures to enjoy this dive,w hich stretches from 24m at its deepest point, to 17m at the shallowest.

A short 35 minute trip brings you to the Alexandria wreck and the Zenobia wreck, which sits in 42m of water and is consistently voted in the top ten of wrecks to dive in the world. The Zenobia offers an ideal platform for Technical, Wreck and Decompression/Trimix diving.

Boat diving to the wreck of the Zenobia with Scuba Tech Diving

Close to the Zenobia, you can also find the HMS Cricket and the Bat Cave dive sites, while further afield in Limassol, you have the Limassol wrecks: Costandis and Lady Thetis.

For those who want something different, we also organise dive excursions across the border in the North of Cyprus.

Below is a list of our Regular Dive Sites:

Not so regular Dive Sites

Click Here to see a map with information and photos of all our Cyprus Dive Sites.

Fish Life of Cyprus

The Mediterranean Sea is notorious for over fishing, which means you won't get the level of Fish Life around Cyprus that you would see in places like the Red Sea.

However, over the past few years, we have witnessed a regeneration of the Marine Environment around Cyprus. The sinking of Artificial Reefs and the creation of Marine Protected Areas have helped improve Fish Stocks.

Grouper, Moray Eels, Sea Bream, Damsel Fish, Cornet Fish, Wrasse, Nudibranchs and Octopus are all common sights on any dive in Protaras.

2020 has seen an emergence of Turtles that have not been seen here in years. We have had 7 or 8 turtles resident in Green Bay throughout the entire summer and we expect to see this continue through 2021 and beyond.

One big problem we have encountered though, is an invasion of species from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean and while this sounds great, one particularly worrying invader is the Lionfish.

Find out more about the Lionfish Invasion here

Hosting Services

If you are an instructor who would like to run courses through our facility or a diver looking to put a holiday together for your dive club or friends, look no further than Scuba Tech.

Simply tell us what you want and we can handle the logistics, equipment and breathing gases, ensuring everything is ready and prepared for the day's diving.

Scuba Tech Diving centre is geared towards all tech and rebreather diving and is GUE friendly, with both Peter and Shelley having completed the GUE fundamentals course in 2011. Peter has also, passed the GUE Tech 1 course with Rich Walker and is currently undergoing the Instructor Development Programme.

We can help you to organise all aspects of your diving holidays with assistance in finding local accommodation suited to your budget, car rental, airport pick ups and recommending bars and restaurants for you and your family/friends to enjoy.

Get in touch for more details and prices

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