In April 2020, Rich Walker will be coming out to Protaras to co-teach the GUE Fundamentals classes.

Scuba Tech Diving Centre wholly supports the GUE diving philosophy here in Cyprus and our diving instructors have first hand knowledge of the Diving courses. Peter and Shelley both took the GUE Fundamentals training and Peter completed the GUE Tech 1 training course in 2015.


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The GUE Fundamentals (or Fundies as it is known) is designed to cultivate the essential skills required by all irrespective of level or environment.

It is the perfect class for any diver wishing to bring their diving to a new level of skill, control and enjoyment regardless of whether you are diving on a recreational or technical level.

The class helps establish a solid foundation of capacity and the skills required to enter GUE's technical and cave diver training. Most of all, the Fundamentals class is for anyone that want to maximize the fun of diving!

Included among its course outcomes are:

The GUE Fundamentals course usually takes place over 4 days and includes at least 30 hours of instruction, which is a combination of around 5 dives, classroom sessions and land drills.

Diver with GUE standard configuration of equipment


Applicants for a Fundamentals course must:


Rich Walker will be co-running the Fundamentals classes here at Scuba Tech.

rich walker the gue fundamentals instructor gets kitted up by Scuba Tech divemaster, lucy

He is now a full-time instructor and Instructor Evaluator with Global Underwater Explorers. He currently teaches many GUE classes at different levels in both the UK and worldwide but prior to this he was a scientist studying how blood flows around the body. This knowledge base gives him a unique position as a diving instructor and Instructor Trainer.

Diving since 1991, Rich is a wreck diver and spends most of his spare time diving the wrecks around the UK and, more recently, Norway.


The GUE fundamentals course will take place in Protaras between the 18th and 21st April 2020.

To book your place, please contact Scuba Tech to register interest and check availability and then apply for the course at

GUE Standard Equipment

Scuba Tech Diving Centre is proud to offer the GUE standard Equipment for rent or sale in our dive centre.

Our Divers are offered Halcyon Wings for Single tank or twin tank diving with Backplate and cynch system for easy adjustment.

We also use Apeks regulators across the board, as they are reliable and durable. These are serviced annually in our dive centre by our resident technician.

Long hose configuration is also available on request from Divers.

For more information regarding GUE Training and Philosophy or to find out how Scuba Tech, Cyprus can help you to get started in the GUE way of scuba diving, just get in touch with us.

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