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Scuba Diving with Scuba Tech Diving Centre in Cyprus is fun, easy and safe. Based in Protaras on the East Coast of Cyprus, we are a family run centre who dedicate ourselves to you, the Diver.

Since we do not deal with large groups, we can offer tailored Diving to suit your Holiday Schedule with one to one and family group Diver Training and a flexibility you just do not get anywhere else.

recreational diving courses in Cyprus from PADI and BSAC

Scuba Tech Diving Centre in Cyprus can teach you to scuba dive, even if you have never tried diving before.

If you have already been bitten by the "scuba bug", we can help you to advance your diving training through BSAC or PADI, two internationally recognised training agencies, hone your skills or just put them into practice on some safari dives around the coast of Cyprus.

Why Learn to Scuba Dive? Click to see PADI's top 10 reasons for you to learn scuba diving today!

So, whether you want to Dive with a Single Cylinder or you prefer to Dive Sidemount, Scuba Tech Diving Centre is the centre for your Recreational Diving.

Scuba Dive Cyprus with Scuba-Tech Diving Centre and Take a Deep Breath...

bsac training in CYprus. BSAC courses from scuba tech divers cyprus PADI diving in Cyprus
BSAC Courses PADI Diver Training

Learning to Scuba Dive

Diver completes mask skills under the watchful eye of PADI Instructor

Cyprus is a great place to learn to Scuba Dive, as the water is so clear and warm while the sea conditions are perfect with no currents or tides to worry about.

You can even complete skills training sessions in the sea at certain sites, so not only will your Scuba Instructor be watching over you, divers have the company of the local fish life.

The Diver Training you will receve here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre, Cyprus is consistently to the highest standard and is focused on you, the student. We work at your pace to ensure that you become the most confident and competent Diver you can be.

Why Learn to Dive?

PADI Scuba Diver Courses

PADI scuba Diving courses in Cyprus

Scuba Tech's Diving Instructors are all PADI Instructors who can take you from your first breaths under the water to the ranks of the professionals.

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and was founded originally in America. It is now one of the largest, most recognised brands for Scuba Diving in the world.

Begin with a Try-Dive experience and once you fall in love with Scuba Diving, you can begin to get certified.

The first step is PADI Open Water Diver and after that the world is your oyster, with plenty of more Advanced Training Courses and Specialties to allow you to branch out into whatever area of Scuba Diving you enjoy.

Maybe Deep Diving, Night Diving or Underwater Photography appeals to you. Possibly Sidemount Diving, Technical Diving, Rebreather Diving or you would like to teach others.

Whichever route you choose to take, Scuba Tech can assist you on the way.

BSAC Scuba Diving Courses

BSAC Scuba Diver training in Protaras cyprus

Scuba Tech Diving Centre also has resident BSAC Instructors for those Divers who wish to train with this Diving Agency.

BSAC is the British Sub-Aqua Club and was originally founded in the United Kingdom. Now, BSAC is an Internationally reconised Agency with Dive Centres and Instructors all around the world.

BSAC also offer Try-Dive experiences which can be credited towards their first certification level, which is BSAC Ocean Diver. Again, more routes then open up to you as a certified Diver to progress your training and Dive the World.

If you are Diving regularly in one place, you might want to look into the availability of a local BSAC Dive Club, so you will never be short of a Dive Buddy and the fun will never end.

Safari Dives in Cyprus

Diver silhouetted inside the cave at cyprus dive site, tunnels and caves

Cyprus has a plethora of Dive Sites available to the Recreational Diver, whether they are using single tanks or Sidemount Diving Configurations.

From 10 to 40 metres, our Dive Sites are varied from wrecks to reefs and Tunnel-like underwater swim-throughs

Most Dives have easy entries and exits from shore but there is also a local Dive Boat available to allow diving to the less accessible Dive Sites on the North Eastern and South Eastern Coasts of Cyprus

Cyprus dive site Cyclops around cape greko in Protaras  Cyprus dive site Green Bay in Protaras

Zenobia Wreck Diving

Lorry Hanging from the deck of Zenobia wreck in Larnaca Cyprus

Cyprus' number one attraction for Scuba Divers with a minimum of 30m certification, is the Shipwreck of the Zenobia Ferry, which sank off the coast of Larnaca in 1980.

She is 172m long and sits between 18m and 42m with a cargo of 104 articulated Lorries complete with attached, fully loaded Trailers that have never been salvaged.

Zenobia is a Boat Dive and we do 2 dives on the wreck at a time. Scuba Tech even offers FREE NITROX to those Divers certified to use it on Zenobia Dives, to ensure you get the best value for money.

Cyprus dive site Cyclops around cape greko in Protaras  Cyprus dive site Green Bay in Protaras

Sidemount Diving in Cyprus

Scuba Tech Diving Centre have been offering PADI Recreational Sidemount Diving here for several years now and has seen this configuration growing in popularity with divers and equipment manufacturers alike.

Sidemounting offers Divers a different and alternative way to streamline in the water while reducing lower back strain. This is because the diving cylinders are moved from the back to the side of the diver taking the weight of the equipment off the Diver's back.

Diver with sidemount configuration using the Razor Sidemount System

The Sidemount Diver also has access to additional, air supply, as the diver uses 2 cylinders, offering gas redundancy for extra safety and conservatism while allowing longer dive times. Perfect for those deeper dives in Cyprus, such as Zenobia. Since all the Dive equipment is in front of you rather than behind the head, the Diver also has the ability to monitor all kit; valves, regulators etc, offering more safety and security.

Transportation of your Dive equipment on land is also easier for the Diver when you Sidemount your tanks because you won't have to walk with your cylinders on your back to the Dive Site, you can simply clip them on in the water and off you go

So, whether you would like to take a Sidemount Diver Training Course or just Try Sidemount Diving with a Discover Sidemount Diving Experience Day, just get in touch with us here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre in Cyprus and our highly trained Diving Instructors can provide you with all the information you need.

scuba divers on the wreck of zenobia discover scuba diving experience to try diving with scuba tech diving centre

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Megalodon courses for 2014 in Protaras Cyprus

For 2023 Courses on the ISC Megalodon, Tiburon or Pathfinder Rebreather get in touch with us at Scuba Tech Cyprus

padi diving courses in cyprus

BSAC diving courses in Cyprus

Learn Scuba Diving with Trained PADI & BSAC Instructors in Cyprus

TDI technica diving international courses in Cyprus

Technical Diving Courses from TDI and PADI TECREC

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Shearwater products for sale in Cyprus

Shearwater have developed a great reputation for high quality diving computers with excellent customer service.

With a full range of diving computers to fit any level of diver, you can be sure that Shearwater Diving computers will see you through your diving career.

For Recreational divers, the Shearwater Peregrine dive computer will take you from absolute beginner to the start of your tech diving journey.

For Technical Divers, the Teric or Perdix 2 offers Trimix and CCR capabilities. Air integrated or stand alone available to complete your dive bag.

halcyon diving equipment in Cyprus

Get your Halcyon dive gear in Cyprus from Scuba Tech Diving Centre and own your own, most coveted dive kit with the iconic H.

miflex hoses for your diving kit from Cyprus

Miflex hoses are light and flexible diving hoses for your kit

From low Pressure Regulator Hoses, Inflators for BCDs and Wings and HP hoses for your air gauges

Poseidon Scuba equipment for sale in Cyprus

Poseidon Dive kit available from Scuba Tech Diving Centre in Cyprus.

From masks to wetsuits, boots and even the MK7 rebreather.

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