If you love Scuba Diving and want to share your passion with others, the PADI Divemaster Course - the first level of professional training - is just what you are looking for.

padi divemaster traing courses in cyprus. be the best you can be

Working closely with a PADI Instructor, as a Divemaster Intern, you will fine-tune your dive skills to a standard where you can help to teach other divers to improve, as a teaching assistant to our Diving Instructors.

Your Divemaster training will also refine your rescue skills, so you can anticipate and easily solve common problems. These skills are important for your role as a PADI Divemaster where you will be independently guiding and supervising groups of divers.

padi divemaster traing courses in cyprus. be the best you can be

The knowledge, skills and experience you will gain from the PADI Divemaster Course will give you a solid foundation for your future in the Dive Industry. Here at Scuba Tech, we also supplement the basic training with other elements that will increase your employability around the world.

As a Diving Centre that offers an eclectic mix of services, Scuba Tech is well placed to give you experience of all aspects of the Dive Industry.

As a PADI centre, we teach divers from their very first breaths under the sea to the rungs of the professional ladder and you will assist us with every level of Diver Training while you are here, which also serves as a refresher to your own diving skills from previous courses.

padi divemaster traing courses allow you to get certified in other areas of diving too such as the deep diver specialty training

We offer the opportunity to sit in on different specialty courses to broaden your experience in many different areas of scuba diving and get certified*.

Our Technical Diving branch will offer an insight into Twinset, Sidemount and Rebreather Diving. You will learn about the equipment configuration required for technical diving and have the opportunity to have a go for yourself, as part of your training.

You will also gain knowledge of decompression diving and, if you choose to do so, have the opportunity to take part in training for additional certifications*.

assist our scuba technicians as they service dive equipment to gain a better understanding of scuba kit maintenance

Scuba Tech is also a well respected Dive Equipment Servicing Centre with Divers and Dive Centres from all over Cyprus bringing kit to be serviced and repaired. You will have the opportunity to shadow our technicians and learn how the dive kit works with basic maintenance skills.

From BCD repairs to Regulator Configuration, Computer Battery Changes to Cylinder Testing and Inspections, there is always plenty of work going on in the workshop.

*Additional courses may incur extra fees for certification

Divemaster assists instructor for a discover scuba diving experience

Our promise to you

Scuba Tech Diving Centre is committed to giving 100% to your PADI Divemaster development and in return, we expect the same from Divemaster Candidates.

As a PADI Divemaster, you will be a Role Model to other divers and this requires an enthusiasm for scuba diving and following the correct procedures and protocols. You will be required to follow a professional code of practice towards the environment, fellow divers and others and maintain a professional appearance at all times. Applicants must be non-smokers.


**Although Rescue Diver with 40 logged dives is the pre-requisite for starting the Divemaster Training Course, it is possible to achieve these pre-requisites in resort, prior to starting the internship.

Price: €700

The above price is based on an 8 week internship where all the pre-requisites have already been met before coming to Cyprus.

To apply for a PADI DiveMaster Internship at Scuba Tech Diving Centre, Cyprus, simply send your CV to us at the email address below.

We look forward to welcoming you to the PADI Scuba Tech Team.


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Lucy helps a first time diver as part of her Divemaster Internship in Cyprus

"Choosing to do my DM course with Scuba Tech was the best decision I've ever made. The course itself was well structured, efficient and professional. It massively increased my knowledge of the underwater world and my confidence as a diver . But most of all, it was great fun! And the best course you'll ever do!"

Lucy Corbett (PADI Instructor)

Drysuit training as part of a Divemaster Internship in Cyprus

"When I decided I was going to turn professional it was always going to be with Scubatech! First class equipment and training naturally, but it’s the extra mile they go that makes you the very best that you can be. Don’t just be a a Scubatech Divemaster."

John Ruff (PADI DiveMaster)

Try tech diving as part of the Divemaster Internship in Cyprus

"Successfully completed my Divemaster course with Scuba Tech in 2013. Shelley ensured I had mastered all the skills and knowledge I needed to set me off on my professional diving career, while boosting my confidence with plenty of positive and friendly advice."

Dawn Bailey (PADI Instructor)

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