MUSAN Ayia Napa

Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Ayia Napa

MUSAN has been open in Ayia Napa since August 2021. Access to dive this Underwater Museum should be through a registered Dive Centre, like Scuba Tech. You can find information for these dive centres on the MUSAN Website.

Diver near the trees in the Ayia Napa Sculpture Museum taking a phot of a sculpture

"Entering the forest from the shore end, visitors will drift through the artwork absorbing the natural beauty all around them, creating an ephemeral experience for scuba divers and snorkelers to explore an alternative underwater universe where marine life takes centre stage, a portal beneath the ocean.

Tall organic structures will rise up from the seabed to stand at over eight metres tall, creating the ideal habitat to encourage the aggregation of fish.

Distributed within the museum and amongst the organic structures, a series of figurative sculptures lie in wait to be discovered by the visitor. Acknowledging the heritage of Cyprus, the figurative sculptures within the museum will consider a magical, mystical, other worldly style, combining traditional sculptural formations with a contemporary design.


Diver amongst the tree sculptures in MUSAN, Ayia Napa.

Marine Life in the Mediterranean has been depleted over the course of many years and the development of Marine Parks throughout the area are hoped to help tackle this problem.

The Sculptures in the MUSAN Museum are sited within the Marine Protected Area at Pernera Beach in Ayia Napa, close to the Kyrenia Shipwreck. The Sculptural forest is designed to replicate a terrestrial Forest and become a focal point for Fishlife. Already we are beginning to see the colonisation of the Scultures with small schools of fish

A diver poses in front of the scultured trees and figures in the MUSAN museum of underwater scultures in ayia napa

All the materials used for the MUSAN Sculptures are created from pH neutral materials, so as not to interfere with the natural environment.

Among the sculpted trees children can be seen playing. They remind us of our need for the natural world as a place to explore, discover and fire our imaginations. The forest children, camera in hand as they play hide-and-seek in the woods, point their lenses at the human race. They hope for a future in which the mystery and magic of nature will return. The need to re-wild our oceans is as pressing as the need to re-establish our connection to the natural world.

Children of the forest hold the older generation to account for what they have done to the environment

Of course Art is Subjective as opposed to Objective, which means divers can find their own interpretation of these Underwater Sculptures. My personal understanding from these underwater figures of children pointing their Social Media cameras at the older generation of fat cats in their suits is that they are being held to account for the damage they have inflicted. They have sacrificed our planet for money and they will be judged!

So far, the Ayia Napa Municipality has not levied any fees to dive the MUSAN Underwater Sculpture Museum and we believe that this will continue for the forseeable. We are currently waiting for an announcement to be made. A view from above the tree sculptures in ayia napa underwater sculpture park However, the initial plan was to charge around €10 per diver and this Park Fee would be used to maintain the Sculpture Park, improve access and to Enforce the no fish policy of the Marine Protected Area.

The Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Ayia Napa is not available for first time divers. Certified Divers will love the unique experience of diving amongst this underwater forest, here in Ayia Napa.

However, we have a DISCOVER AND EXPLORE CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING PACKAGE available to allow those without certifications to visit MUSAN as Scuba Divers.

The DISCOVER AND EXPLORE CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING PACKAGE is a two dive adventure, which begins at the Dive Centre, where we brief the divers on the dive equipment, how to look after your airspaces and communication underwater with your instructor.

diver at green bay on a first time dive smiling at the camera with silver and brown fish in the background

We then head to a shore based dive site, Green Bay, where you can get comfortable with breathing and being underwater on an amazing scuba dive with turtles and lots of other fish

After this first amazing dive, you can discuss with your instructor your level of comfort and ability on the first dive and head to MUSAN for dive 2, where you can either scuba dive or snorkel and free dive this amazing museum, depending on your choices with the instructor.

sculture of a woman hides amongst the trees in the underwater forest of Ayia Napa

The price for this Experience is €150 and will include free photos and videos of your Diving Experience with us. Get in touch to book your slot now.


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