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Brand new in 2017, we announced that we can offer Underwater Scooter Diving here at Scuba Tech, Cyprus.

Diving diving with Underwater Scooters from SUEX in Cyprus

The Dive Centre is now home to three SUEX scooters (a.k.a. DPVs) for divers to try, rent and/or take courses.

SUEX Scooters

Diving a SUEX DPV is an incredible experience allowing you to really dive in the fast lane.

We have the SUEX XJOY 7s available here for courses and rental and these amazing underwater vehicles offer performance, reliability and manoeuvrability.

Diver dives the SUEX XJOY 7 in Protaras, cyprus

If you would like to try Scooter Diving, you must already be a qualified Scuba Diver. Any non-divers that want to try them must either get certification first or try our Colleagues at Undersea Adventures for a different kind of scooter experience.

So, adrenalin junkies grab your gear and let your trigger finger do all the work!

All the prices listed below are inclusive of all manuals and training material including equipment hire and certification fees. There are no hidden extras, the price you see is the price you will pay.


Diver on the SUEX XJOY 7 trying scooter diving for the first time on a DPV

Diving with a scooter adds a whole new dimension to your dive experience, so you can really dive in the fast lane.

A DPV try dive will give show you how much fun you can have when you dive on a SUEX scooter. The only problem is that once you have tried the DPVs, you will always want to dive with one.

Join us for a SUEX scooter Trydive and show us your SUEX smile!

Prerequisites: Minimum Age 12

Price: €65.00


diver takes the PADI DPV scooter diving course in cyprus to be able to rent scooters

Get qualified to rent DPVs on your dives in the future by taking the PADI DPV diving course.

During this 1 day dive course you will make 2 Open Water dives at local dive sites and learn to plan and make scooter dives.

Your instructor will train you in handling and maintaining your DPV, teach you about special considerations for scooter diving such as maintaining buddy contact and Gas management and work with you to consider potential scooter diving problems and how to solve them.

Prerequisites: Minimum Age 12

Price: €280.00


Diving on a SUEX scooter allows you to go places normally not possible. It allows you to venture into places too far for divers to go normally and gives you the chance to see more of a dive site and stop whenever and wherever you want!

We are currently exploring the Protaras coastline in search of new dive sites that will be Scooter Exclusives here at Scuba Tech Diving Centre.

SUEX Scooter Diving Video


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