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Over the past couple years, wreck diving in Cyprus has become much more available and for 2014, Scuba Tech Diving centre are pleased to offer our Cypriot XXXX tour.

2014 Cyprus four wrecks tour in Cyprus

Cyprus XXXX Diving Tours Starting from just €230

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The Liberty Wreck (Protaras)

Liberty wreck bow sank in 2009 for scuba divers in Protaras cyprus

The Liberty Wreck was a purpose sunk wreck that went down in 2009 in Protaras, Cyprus

She now sits in 27 metres of water off the Golden Coast Marina, which will hopefully, be transformed into a marine park through the collaboration of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and department of Fisheries.

Each year, we see more fish life on this little wreck with turtles, rays, nudibrancs and triggerfish regularly seen among schools of jacks and solitary octopus, making the Liberty Wreck a great little dive for training and photography

The Nemesis III (Protaras)

cyprus wrecks in protaras, the new nemesis III

The Nemesis III is the newest wreck in Protaras. Sank in 2014, she sits in 24metres of water, close to the Liberty Wreck. This means she will also be enclosed in the marine conservation area when it comes into force.

There is the opportunity for some easy penetration on this new wreck and we look forward to seeing what new life she can attract over the coming years

Be one of the first scuba divers on this superb new addition

The Alexandria Wreck (Larnaca)

Cyprus wrecks, the alexandria wreck in cyprus

The Alexandria Wreck sits in 32 metres of water close to the Zenobia wreck

She was a regular fishing boat that started to sink while moored up in Larnaca Harbour and was dragged out to deeper water so she could go down without blocking the marina

Perfectly upright, she is now a great sight to see and take photographs. She also has an abundance of fish life with large schools of Barracuda and amberjacks swirling overhead, tiny nudibranchs, groupers and triggerfish often frequenting this wreck site.

The HMS Cricket (Xylafagou)

Cyprus wreck HMS cricket, the guns under the keel

The HMS Cricket was a gunboat from World War II. It was given to the British Army in Cyprus to use for target practice and they sank it

Again, this wreck is in approximately 30m of water but she sits upside down in the water, so if you want to see the gun turrets, you must dive underneath the wreck

The wreck is off the coast of Xylafagou, close to the Bat Cave and so, is often combined with this additional mini-dive.

The Constandis (Limassol)

divers scuba dive around the Constandis wreck in Limassol

The Constandis is one of the new wrecks that sank in Limassol in February 2014 as part of the new Wrecks to Reefs mission here in Cyprus.

This wreck was a fishing vessel that was built in the USSR in 1989 operated as a bottom trawler in international waters in the Eastern Med for a short period of time.

Settled now on the sea bed in Limassol, the Constandis can be found in approximately 24 metres of water. The wreck is about 23 metres long with some easy penetration and great visibility.

Lady Thetis

Diving the Zenobia wreck in cyprus

Lady Thetis was originally a recreational Cruise Boat built in Germany, then registered in the register of Cyprus Ships but remained out of operation for a long time.

We Scuba Divers are now making great use of her as an underwater reef, as she was sank with the Constandis wreck in February 2014 and now sits in approximately 18 metres of water.

Again there are some penetration areas in this wreck but everything is nice and open, making it perfect for scuba divers of any level to dive.

The Zenobia Wreck

Diving the Zenobia wreck in cyprus

More information about the Zenobia can be found on the Zenobia Wreck Diving Page. She is constantly voted within the top ten wrecks in the world to scuba dive, chosen by scuba divers

With something for everyone on this wreck, you will never get bored diving the Zenobia wreck, Cyprus

Sitting in 42 metres of seawater, just 1,500metres from the Larnaca Coastline, Zenobia's place in the diveable wrecks Hall of Fame has been sealed.

More Cyprus Wrecks

There are plans to sink more wrecks in Cyprus. over the coming years, making Cyprus a name to compete with for Diving tourism

Cypriot XXXX Tour

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cyprus four wrecks diving tour



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