Underwater Pictures of Diving


Below you will find a collection of scuba diving photographs of Divers with Scuba Tech Diving Centre from over the years in Cyprus. These Diving pictures have been taken at many different Shore Dive Sites here in Protaras, Larnaca and Ayia Napa including; Green Bay, Cyclops and the Caves.

These Divers have varying levels of experience and qualification showing the diversity that Scuba Diving in Cyprus has to offer from single tank, recreational diving, sidemount diving, twinset diving, technical diving and rebreather diving too.

Scuba Diver taking photographs while diving in Cyprus

Diver takes Pictures

rebreather diver in Cyprus

Rebreather Diver

rebreather diver at the nets in Cyprus

Diving Rebreathers

diver mimes drinking from a wine bottle found underwater

Drinking and Diving

diver says hello and poses on scuba underwater

Scuba Diver in Cypus

diver with underwater video camera

Underwater Filming with GoPro

technical sidemount diving using the razor harness in Cyprus

Technical Sidemount Diving

Sidemount diver pulls cylinders in front of him to dive into the blue hole dive site in Protaras

Sidemount Diving into Blue Hole

sidemount diving in cyprus

Sidemount Diving in Cyprus

green bay divers

Diver Filming

caves diving

Diver at the Caves

girls diving

Girl's go Diving

filming dives

Diver with fish

propellor diver on zenobia

Diver at Propellors

diver over zenobia

Diver diving Zenobia

barracuda and diver

Diver with Barracuda

propellor dives

Instructor and student by the propellors

boat dive in cyprus

Recreational Boat Dive

green bay diving

Fish Rock in Green Bay

land divers before dive

Pre- dive seen something

zenobia diving

Peeking inside the Zenobia's many hatches

instructor for nitrox course

Divers on the shotline

zenobia diving

Diver on Zenobia

diving green bay

Green Bay Diving

fish at green bay

Just getting in for a dive

moped at cyclops

Diver on Zenobia

instructor for nitrox course

Zenobia Winches

zenobia diving

Diver at the Funnel

diving green bay

Diving Zenobia

moped at cyclops

Zenobia Trucks

moped at cyclops

Diver through the hatch

instructor for nitrox course

Lifeboats and Diver

zenobia diving

Zenobia Dives

diving green bay

Scuba Diver at Zen

moped at cyclops

Deep Dive Cyprus

instructor for nitrox course

Deep Diving Cyprus

zenobia diving

Chapel Dive

diving green bay

Diving Instructor

moped at cyclops

The Blue Hole

moped at cyclops

Zenobia Anchor

instructor for nitrox course

Zenobia Bow Cyprus

zenobia diving

Zenobia Dive

diving green bay

Diver on Zen

moped at cyclops

Cave Diver




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