Cyprus' Hidden Treasure


Zenobia is voted one of the top ten wrecks to dive in the world and it is not hard to see why. Situated just 1500 metres off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus, she sits between 18 and 42 metres of water, making her accessible to all divers, regardless of qualification.

Zenobia was a ro-ro ferry travelling on her maiden voyage between Sweden and Syria when she encountered problems with the ballast systems and began to flounder. Unable to make it into shore, she sank, intact with 104 fully loaded articulated trucks with trailers off the coast of Cyprus. To this day, no salvage has been done.

This wreck is a fantastic dive for all level of diver. You can spend hours exploring the outside of the wreck and the bride and canteen is available as penetration dives for recreational divers. For more qualified divers, there are varying levels of penetration dives, including; 3 lorry deck swim-throughs, the engine room, the chain room and accomodation blocks (crew and passenger).

diver exits the wreck through a hatch on the top

Diver out Hatch

Divers on Zenobia wreck

Diver on Zenobia

diver scuba diving over the lorry

Over the Lorries

lorries on zenobia

Scuba Diving Zenobia

wing mirror cargo on side of one of her lorries

Wing Mirrors

zenobia's back doors

Zen Back Doors

bow of zenobia

Zenobia Bow

zenobia's canteen with blue streamin through windows

Canteen Service

canteen sink

Canteen Sink

Zenobia's famous toilet

Canteen Toilet

canteen upright

Zenobia's Canteen

deck of zenobia

Deck of Zenobia

bream and barracuda have stand off on top of the zenobia wreck

Stand Off

Divers over the lifeboats


Zenobia Lorry

Hanging Lorry

Lorry cargo on zenobia

Lorry Cargo

lorry cargo from zenobia

Lorry on Zenobia

structure of Zenobia

Zenobia and Diver






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