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Technical Diving Photographs

Technical diving is a term used to describe a form of scuba diving that exceeds the scope of recreational diving with regards to depth and immersion time.  The divers require advanced training and specialised equipment.  Also, they often breathe special gas mixes other than air and/or nitrox. In normal recreational scuba dives, the recommended depth limit is 40 metres.  However, technical divers can often be found in the 60 to 100 metre depth range. Here are some pictures of Technical Divers in Cyprus, diving with Scuba Tech Diving Centre.

technical divers
Advanced Nitrox Diver on Shore Dive in Cyprus
advanced nitrox technical students
Inspiration Rebreather over Propellor on Zenobia
inspiration rebreather over zenobia
Inspiration rebreather Diver on Zenobia
rebreather diver
Rebreather and Twinset Diver Technical Diving
rebreather and twinset divers on technical dives
Advanced Nitrox Diving in Cyprus
technical diving student and instructor on technical diving course
Kiss and Megalodon CCR Divers on Zenobia
megalodon closed circuit rebreather diver with kiss rebreather diver
Diver Using Kiss closed circuit Rebreather on Zenobia dives
megalodon rebreather training in cyprus
Inspiration Rebreather Diver making a Zenobia dive
technical diver on zenobia
A Technical Diver in Cyprus using CCR
megalodon ccr diver diving rebreather
Black and White Rebreather Diver in Cyprus
megalodon rebreather diver diving ccr
Megalodon Rebreather Training in Cyprus
kiss rebreather diver on zenobia
Megalodon Rebreather Diver on the Zenobia
rebreather divers diving the zenobia
Before the descent on a Closed Circuit Rebreather
diver before technical dive waiting to get in the water
A Sentinel Rebeather Diver in Cyprus
sentinel rebreather diver
Technical Diver on the Zenobia by the Bow
megalodon rebreather diver
Megalodon Rebreather Diver
technical diver over zenobia
tOut of the Main Lorry Deck
twinset technical diver
Twinsets and Rebreathers
twinset and rebreather diving in cyprus with scuba tech diving centre
Photography on the Shot
twinset diver on shot
Decompressing on the line
twinset diver with trimix or nitrox on a dive in cyprus
Popping out in a Rebreather
twinset diver out of penetration of zenobia
Practicing Line skills
twinset technical diver
Rebreather Diver in Green Bay
twinset and rebreather diving in cyprus with scuba tech diving centre
Rebreather Diver and fish



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